dijous, d’abril 17, 2008

19 Bycicle guitar

An old Russian guitar from a jumble sale presented itself to me with a price tag of 5 euro! A bargain I couldn't refuse! Of-course, it was really speaking to me in a language that I understand all to well! " get me out of here and give me a new life!" " I don't mind sharing!". I took her home to my shed! My orphanage of abandoned objects and went about finding her a partner! An old bicycle wheel that had lost it's frame offered to assist and before I knew it, the neck of the guitar and the wheel began to dance and so they became married that afternoon! "
But what happened to the body of that guitar" I here you ask. Well she became engaged with something else of-course!!!!!!

Robbie Perry

Si voleu veure més coses d'aquest artista que recicla els objectes sense ús donant-los una nova vida, i creant instruments musicals originals i preciosos, podeu entrar al seu espai web http://web.mac.com/goatboyrobbie/Site/Robbie_Perry.html

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Genial, això ens obre més portes.