dimecres, de juny 04, 2008


The object is the purple pair of shoes -- the first picture shows them where they are usually kept, and the second picture shows them where they ought to be. I bought these shoes more than five years ago, and I thought they would make fantastic dancing shoes. I'm not sure if I had delusions that I dance a lot more than I actually do, or if the heel is just too high to stand in for hours, but I haven't worn the shoes more than two or three times. And in honesty, the times I did wear these shoes were not for dancing, like I had planned. It was a new year's eve party, a housewarming, and a dressed-up night out for drinks.I still keep the shoes because I feel like a day will come when these will be the absolute perfect shoes to wear, even if not for dancing, and I will kick myself if I had given them away. I recently gave away more than ten pair of shoes after a big housecleaning, and these purple ones still got to stay. So, I don't think I'll get rid of them anytime soon. It may seem silly, but they are sort of a reminder of things I would like to have more of in my life, so as long as I have to look at them when I choose my shoes for the day, I think: well, maybe I should go dancing soon.
Margaret Moerchen

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Anònim ha dit...

Nice shoes dudette! Come back up to kansas sometime, so we can kick it old school.